Shadow Yoga

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When you cultivate something, you work to make it better

Shadow Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice, reintroducing the ancient method of preparation for a safe and non-imposed practice of yoga. The sequential movements are simple, steadying and strengthening, consisting of: Warm-ups, Prelude and Finishing Sequence. This cultivates coordination and breath, working through stiffness particularly in hips, spine and shoulders.

Both Private Sessions & Group classes are taught offering opportunity for individuals to work safely to whatever their ability.

Teaching of Shadow Yoga is sequential and allowing students to build progressively. The practice of safe rhythmic movements cultivates steadiness and enhances bodily functions such as respiration, circulation, digestion.

An empowering and encouraging practice for all ages and stages of life.

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Teacher:  Narelle Lullfitz

Narelle was first introduced to Shadow Yoga fifteen years ago.  Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga, and director Emma Balnaves, have been her teachers over this time.

Their teaching introduced her to the foundations and preparatory practices of Hatha Yoga, enabling a growing understanding of yoga as an internal practice - with steady guidance toward regular home practice.  She has continued to cultivate her practice and learning of Shadow Yoga with ongoing tuition.

Narelle has been teaching for over four years under the guidance of her teachers, Shandor and Emma.

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*MONDAY: 6:30pm - 7:30pm *Note: this is a 6-week Beginner course commencing November 4th

TUESDAY: 4:45pm - 5:45pm

WEDNESDAY: 9:00am - 10:00am
5:30pm - 6:30pm

THURSDAY: 9:00am - 10:00am

FRIDAY: 4:45pm - 5:45pm

SATURDAY: **7:00am - 8:00am (for those with some Shadow Yoga experience)

**This class will shift to a 6:30am start on Sat Nov 9th

There is no need for flexibility, strength or to have any prior understanding of yoga to begin these classes.

6-week course: $90

Single 1 hour Lesson : $20
10-Class-card : $180 (valid for 12 weeks only)
Private Session : $60

Registration & Payment: Payment is accepted via cash, card or EFT.


Preparation for class

  • Try not to eat for at least 2 hours and not to drink for 30 minutes prior to class

  • Arrive 5 minutes before class

  • Turn mobile phones off

  • Leave your belongings in the entrance foyer

  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothing (please avoid wearing perfumes, or strong scents to classes)

  • All classes conducted in bare feet

  • Have hair tied up before class begins

  • Upon arrival please take a blanket to sit upon until class commences

  • You will always be asked, and please advise the teacher if you have any condition which may require you modify how you practice (e.g. headache, illness, injury, menstruation, pregnancy, overtired, etc.)

Before class please let me know if you are menstruating and appropriate instruction will be provided for that day of your menstrual cycle.  For the first 3 days, restorative practice is given, slowly entering back into practice over the first 7 days.  It is of utmost importance to rest during the first 3 days of your cycle, however you are welcome to attend and follow guidance for a restorative practice or to sit supported and watch the class.  Much importance is placed upon being aware of the rhythm of your cycle; refraining from too much activity when you are menstruating.  The long term benefits of resting at this time are immense.

Throughout your practice

  • Maintain tip of tongue on the roof of your mouth

  • Gaze gently downward

  • Aim to move with the breath, slowly, steadily

  • Maintain awareness of your feet

  • Only work to your limit; no forcing

Upon finishing class

  • Put blankets and eye pillows away neatly

  • Set intention for your next practice :)