Snehana - Ayurvedic Full Body Massage


Warm Oil Massage Treatment

In Ayurveda, traditionally referred to as 'Snehana'

Snehana literally means ‘to nurture, to love, to heal, to express kindness and compassion’ and this is exactly what you will experience during this treatment.  Along with warmed organic oil, specific massage sequences are used in a process to soften, loosen and dislodge toxins. This process is deeply relaxing and enjoyable as stress is released at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Benefits of Snehana ~
Deeply relaxing to the nervous system
Deeply relaxing to the muscles
Can soften and loosen deep seated tissue toxins
Restores balance to the mind-body process
Can release emotional blocks stored in the tissue

“The most profound effect of these treatments is the manner in which they reconnect you to your true nature, which has become obscured by stress and toxic accumulation.”

With rich background training and experience in relaxation massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy massage and facial treatments ~ this signature treatment is like no other.

Holistic Treatment Menu

  • Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage

    A full body oil massage using warm oils helps release stagnant energy and toxins.  It is excellent for nervous conditions, stress, anxiety, overwork, fatigue and is particularly important at the change of seasons.  Ayurvedic Massage is also excellent for the elderly, pregnant women, mums and children.  The treatment involves the application of warm, medicated herbal oils with long flowing massage strokes improving lymph and blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, and toning the whole body.

    90min - $135 for a single treatment

    60min - $100 for a single treatment

    Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 minutes - $60


    Ayurvedic Facial

    An excellent and refreshing experience for body and mind!  You will emerge with skin feeling very soft, smooth and nourished.  Pores are cleansed and skin is gently exfoliated stimulating skin-cell renewal.  Unique herbal clay masks draw toxins from deeper layers of the skin.  Improves blood circulation, and relaxes facial muscles.

    Includes a cleansing process of relaxing aromatic warm compress, further light cleansing, and gentle exfoliation.  Following on with a signature Ayurvedic Kansa Wand facial massage, personalised facial mask, your choice of hand or feet massage, and nourishing day care.

    1 hr - $120

    1 hr 15 min - $135 as above plus aromatic foot bath and additional mask.

    All natural ingredients, with valuable minerals encouraging the skin’s metabolism.


    Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

    Initial appointment 1 hour - $100

    Follow-up consultation 30 min - $60


    For more information/ bookings

    Contact Clinic Practitioner Narelle

    Dip. Beauty Therapy, Cert. Aromatherapy, Cert. Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda

Narelle Lullfitz is the director of Palmyra Yoga Shala, teaching Shadow Yoga and sharing Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom through workshops and health consultations.

To book a treatment contact Narelle on 0412 182 202 or email